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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. we begin today in the bay early on this monday morning because we are following breaking news. multiple fires forcing thousands to evacuate. we have team coverage getting you up to speed. good morning and thanks for joining us. we are on early for a special edition to bring you this information. >> a dangerous intense situation across the north bay. here is where all the fires are burning right now. the biggest fire is the atlas fire. another fire is burning near santa rosa in the area of hopper avenue after it jumped highway 101. we are getting word that the
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kaiser medical center both have been evacuated. >> there are two main evacuation centers so far. one is at cross walk community church on first street in napa and also napa county fair grounds has been taking people in there. >> there is also finley community center at near capacity. santa rosa veterans medical hall building opening, as well, because so many people have been taken to evacuation centers because it is serious. >> dry winds. dry area and high winds. the biggest fire burning on atlas peak. the latest update is that the fire is currently 200 acres. it is spreading quickly. thousands of people are evacuated right now including
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the silverado resort. there are multiple wineries there. >> this is video from the fire now burning out of control in napa near atlas peak road. those embers blowing in the wind. you can see how strong the wind is. this video was shot late last night. you can see the strong winds. in one shot you can see a car. you can see a car actually on fire there. you can also see the sign for the winery. firefighters have not told us yet about the status of the winery. this is about a half mile north of silverado resort and spa. >> santa rosa fire near 101 and hopper avenue. it actually jumped the freeway over highway 101. that is where regional hospital was evacuated as well as kaiser hospital. >> we want to talk about the wind blowing the strong embers.
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we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall. you have been tracking this. what can you tell us about the area and the winds? >> the winds are still really strong. we have a wind advisory in effect. here is a look at temperatures we are going to see as we head through the next several hours. it is right now at 70 degrees. it's really warm. we will see temperatures start to drop as we head into the next three or four hours as we head throughout the morning and as we go through the day looking at temperatures making it into the mid 70s. we do see these two areas of smoke right now and that is where we do have the two largest wild fires burning at this point. let's get a closer look to get you a little bit more acquainted with the area. we can see all of the smoke that is right now just north of calistoega. as we see the smoke drifting by
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the areas shaded in gray. the air is blowing north to south so it will continue to spread a lot of smoke into the oakmont area, as well. let's head to the other large wildfire that we have around the atlas area. that is just also to the south where we see the smoke blowing to the south into downtown napa proper. we are also seeing a lot of that smoke there even here on the satellite imagery that we can definitely tell where the thickest smoke is as of now. i want to show you the wind speeds and where we are seeing the strongest wind gusts moving through most of northern napa county. wind gusts have been up to 30, 40, 50 miles per hour winds. and it is still going to be at about 38 miles per hour through the next couple of hours and then as we go towards the 7:30,
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8:00 hour we are looking at still pretty high wind gusts blowing the winds from north to south and that will also carry some of the smoke into san francisco, as well. then we start to catch a little bit of a break here shortly afternoon and then into the evening we start to see the winds calming down. very low relative humidity right now and that increases that fire danger as we have only seen relative humidity numbers at about 12% to 13%. very dry, very windy and that will enhance the potential for more wildfire spreading as we go throughout the morning. what are you tracking? >> down here in the studio we did smell the smoke. the roadways are fine down here. this is where our main commute talks about silicon valley into san francisco. and the activity we are focussed on is here in napa county,
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sonoma county and santa rosa. i heard about a closure 4 connecter near sears point and the race way. that is a concern. there are at least intermittent closures. we are marking it on the map as an area of caution. very early the commute comes over. watching 121. we will talk about closures a little farther north. talk about the smoke around 128 and 29. for highway 101 we did get a word of full closure at bicentennial. i'm going to hand it back to you because the fire is a big deal. >> highway 121 is where we find bob ridell. so many people are leaving that area and evacuating. what do you see from there?
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>> reporter: 121 and old sonoma road cal trans workers have blocked off the intersection so you cannot continue west on 121. the issue is the fire. there is a glow up there beyond the hill and there are flames and it is very hard to see in the dark here. those flames over there and then further to the right. if i were to do a pan shot about 18 0 degrees there is fire on 180 degrees of the horizon. we came up 680. one thing we noticed was how windy it was. i'm feeling the gusts of wind out here and i bring that up because that is one reason why the fires are burning. napa county sheriff's department, napa police department was saying to release ten fires possibly as many as 15 in the area. as we are headed north on 680 we noticed there was another fire.
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south of 80 east. that was a fire that is not related to the ones that are up here as far as they might be related in terms of they might start and jump. it is a separate fire all together. it is monday morning. cal trans is telling them to do a u turn or find another way around 121 west if you are trying to get to sonoma. you can see flashing lights and this road is closed. there is a lot of smoke out here. i smelled it out there in livermore. gives you a sense of how windy it is and how much is blowing the fire and that smoke throughout the bay area. >> it is amazing to see there. as we take a look at your live pictures and listen to the wind on your microphone out there. >> this is something that we have seen that is the issue here. those embers are spreading
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because of those high winds. he is in the napa area. we want to give you the latest. the biggest fire is burning on atlas peak. the latest update we have is currently 200 acres but spreading fast. you can imagine this is endangering a lot of people. those flames continue to burn. thousands have been evacuated. silverado resort and spa also evacuated. >> we want to check in with the napa county supervisor who joins us on the phone. i know you have a lot of information and this thing is spreading so rapidly. >> absolutely. good morning. this fire is certainly unpredictable. these winds are not helping our situation. what that has done is placed us in evacuation mode. that is what we are doing at this time. we are in evacuation mode
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because of the type of fire we fight at this time. we have many communities that are being evacuated. we are dealing with four fires that are a threat to life safety. so i do have the most up to date mandatory evacuations for the fire. >> what area does that surround? >> we still have the petrified forest road and those residents that are evacuated are asked to go to calistoga fair grounds. we have the atlas peak fire which is our largest one that we are dealing with right now. the list of mandatory evacuations is lengthy. we have atlas peak road. we have the entire country club
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community. we have soda canyon road. we have higgen road. first avenue. second avenue. third avenue. fourth avenue. north avenue. we have added out to wild fort valley road. that is a mandatory evacuation area. we added community just a little bit west of silverado country club. this is a mandatory evacuation for that atlas peak fire. that fire does remain and those
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mandatory evacuations remain in place. we have an additional fire out in the carneros area. old sonoma road from 121 is mandatory. henry and sealy back out to 121 is mandatory. th certainly our primary focus is that people help each other, neighbors help each other get out. we have our evacuation centers 1435 north oak street is one evacuation center. and 2590 first street in napa
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cross walk community church. if you have pets, big animals go to valleys book equestrian center. household pets, your furry and feathered ones go to our animal shelter in the city of napa. and we are ready to take your animals. we don't want you to feel that you can't go to our evacuation centers because of our animals. we will help you with your animals. we want everybody to be safe. the most important thing is if i didn't call out your street as a mandatory evacuation and you feel unsafe get out. grab your neighbors and get out. that is the mode that we are operating in right now. we have activated our emergency operation center at level three. that means we are fully staffed.
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designated for fire mutual aid. there has been an order of 24 teams to come our way. they are coming to us and we are very appreciative for all the mutual aid that we are receiving from all public safety. we have some deputies that are here helping us out. we want to make sure that people know where to go. that's the most important thing, get the most current information from the county's facebook page. you can also use text message service that we are using. if you text your zip code and text that number to 888777 and you will get the county's eocc and that will update you on
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mandatory evacuations and road closures. unfortunately at this time we don't have information about acreage. we don't have information about structures. we don't even have information of how many people we have evacuated. all we really want is for everyone to be safe. we look forward to day light and being able to get a grip on this. >> if you have people who can't get out as far as like they don't have a car or maybe they are elderly do you have something in place where they can call or if you have family that can't get out quickly is there a number to call? >> if someone feels unsafe and not able to get out call dispatch, call 911. we have deputies on the ground. staff continues to roll in every minute. we are ready to go. we are ready to respond.
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we are doing our very best. most importantly the first responders of this event, the first responders of today, they really aren't fire or deputies or county. it's neighbors. we are moment to moment here. you need to reach out to neighbors and help each other and come to us at evacuation centers and we will help you. we need neighbors to help neighbors. >> what do you think the capacity is of these evacuation centers. we are hearing that some of them are getting very, very full. >> we are not at capacity yet. cross walk community church has capacity of 175. we have made plans for a third evacuation center and that's ready to go on a moment's notice when we hit our capacity at
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cross walk community. i know neighbors are opening their doors to other neighbors and also people know there is a mechanism on facebook to mark yourself as safe. i certainly encourage people to utilize that so that family and friends will be at ease. >> talk to us about once they get to the evacuation centers i know a lot of people try to grab what they can. are there things that people cannot bring to the evacuation centers? >> what we are focussed on right now is the people. that is what we want at these evacuation centers. we on a moment's notice people are coming in with many belongi belongings. the animals come to the evacuation centers. we'll help you go to the napa county shelter and give you the
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animals. we cannot have actual human evacuation centers but we have animal evacuation centers in place and we are ready to help with anything that anyone needs we are ready to help. this is going to be -- this is not just a one day event. this will take a while. we will have a few long days ahead of us that includes repopulation not just fighting the fire itself but repopulation. >> we know you are so busy. we appreciate it. the napa county animal shelter so people can take their animals and head to other evacuation centers that noted there. thank you for joining us this morningism. we want to go to tom in kaiser in santa rosa. >> this is kaiser hospital.
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they are evacuating that one we understand, tom. >> reporter: they are evacuating the hospital. you can see the city bus is filling up with patients. we are being told by kaiser that we need to evacuate the property. you can see winds whipping up here. fires starting everywhere. smoke across the area. the reason they are getting these people out, a lot of them have respiratory conditions but they don't know about the safety of the structure with the way the fire is burning. they have plenty of parking lot space between the fire lines and here. like we said, these fires and you have been talking about are blowing everywhere. embers. when we were driving in here today this morning coming in through the robin williams tunnel it was filled with smoke all the way in san francisco. they are warning folks in the area not to go outside if they have respiratory problems.
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we have been -- we also heard of people going door to door waking up neighbors and warning them to evacuate immediately in those evacuation areas you have been talking about. officials want evacuees to go to the veterans memorial building on maple avenue. finley community center has been full for about two hours now. evacuation areas continue to pile up. the sheriff's department telling anyone who can feel or taste the smoke to get out especially if they do have respiratory issues or other issues. small children, elderly folks should evacuate immediately, they say. word of caution. some main arterials are in grid lock because everyone evacuating. already in a red flag warning today. the winds are really helping push these fires everywhere.
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10 to 15 fires burning in the area. the 911 center here is asking people only to call in if you have an immediate emergency. they have been inundated with calls. if you have horses, cattle or other livestock the sonoma county fair grounds is acting as an evacuation center. the situation continues to change here. let's go back to the folks. you can see they are bringing more patients out. i don't know if you guys can hear me. i have lost your sound, but they are bringing these patients out right now. you can see most of them have the masks on their faces to try to help protect them from the smoke. and the sheriff's department and hospital officials helping get them out. i can tell you that i talked to one of the evacuees a second ago. he told me he saw the fire coming over the ridge towards their house about 300 yards away late last night and he and his
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wife got out immediately. they came to the hospital. now they are looking for a place to go. everybody is being told to leave the kaiser property here and this situation continues to change. we will keep you up to date all morning as we learn more information on this. >> tom, i don't know if you can hear us anymore, maybe gesture if you- >> reporter: i got you back. >> are they saying where they are taking these people that are being evacuated from chikaiser hospital? >> reporter: there are no officials. security people told us they are not allowed to talk to us. they are trying to get off the property right now. they have not told us yet. let me see if i can talk to this gentleman right now. can you tell me where these folks are going, sir? he told me they don't know. they are trying to find a location. the finley community center is full.
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they are telling people to go to the memorial vet center on maple, but that is filling up quickly, as well. so they are looking for more evacuation centers. >> i can imagine these are people that can walk out and in wheel chairs. >> tom, as far as i know you see the people behind you being loaded on to the buses, do you know of any other evacuation methods happening around the area around the hospital? >> reporter: we heard that sutter is also being evacuated. we haven't been to that property to check it out. we are told earlier it was being evacuated. you can see they are expecting to take dozens if not hundreds of patients out of kaiser here. you can see a lot of them with walkers. some of them have ivs. most of the folks are also wearing those masks to protect
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themselves from the smoke. i can tell you where i'm standing right now the smoke is burning my eyes. you can feel it in your lungs. it's not just the forest fires. you have several structures that are also burning. you have all of the chemicals, plastics and everything else that is burning and that, ocf course, is dangerous. i can tell you a few minutes ago i heard what sounded like a couple of explosions. i don't know if those were fire related, if a fire got to gas tanks or something else that caused an explosion, but it is crazy here. we have emergency vehicles going in all directions. the winds swirling and blowing embers. so spot fires as you can imagine. we have been on these fires before. when that happens you get spot fires everywhere. it is hard for these people to stay on top of all of this right now. >> you can see the glow from the fire behind you. do you know how fire the nearest
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fire is to you? >> reporter: well, i can tell you when we were coming in we saw fire before we got to santa rosa we could see a spot fire. we didn't see any emergency crews. we didn't see lights on trucks or anything and looked like maybe 10 to 20 acre fire. i'm just spit balling on that. that is not an official number. it looked like a spot fire picked up. we heard long before that that there were 10 to 15 fires. we have no idea how many fires are burning right now. at least a dozen or more. >> red flag warnings, high winds in the area, as well. it is amazing to see these hospitals being evacuated and where they are taking people and quantity of people that could potentially be inside that hospital what a concern that is. >> tom, thank you so much for that. we are going to come back to you in just a little bit.
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we want to give you a map of where some of the fires are burning right now. the biggest fire is the atlas fire. another fire burning near the santa rosa in the area of hopper avenue after it jumped highway 101. we are getting word that tom is saying the sutter santa rosa regional hospital has been evacuated as well as we just left tom at the kaiser medical center. we saw people getting to buses. you can smell the smoke and it is making your eyes water. so this is a trying situation for a lot of hospitals in the area as they evacuate hundreds of patients who are in medical need right now. so they want to make sure they can get them to the safest place they can. they don't know exactly where they are taking them or haven't told us. >> these are some of the evacuation centers that people in that area have been told to
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go. there is a couple in napa county and sonoma county. cross walk community church on first street. napa county fair grounds is another evacuation site. other evacuation centers finley community center. we are told that is nearly at capacity. santa rosa veterans memorial hall building is also open, as well. we spoke to a napa county supervisor moments ago who told us they may open a third evacuation center if needed. a lot of concerns of people in that area. you know there are a lot of animals up there. not only household pets but horses and cows. the valley brook equestrian center is taking some of the larger animals. don't feel you have to leave pets behind or stay there with pets. drop them off and then head to an evacuation center. >> larger animals can be taken
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to sonoma county fair grounds, as well. this is a live interview with cal fire staff. david, what can you tell us about what is going on where you are right now? >> reporter: right now we are still experiencing very high winds. the fire is still moving at a very rapid rate of spread. we are still affecting evacuations from people in front of the fire and we are still starting to survey damage. we are beginning to get other fire engines in from outside the area. we are hoping to get control on the fire. >> right now it is considered out of control? no containment? >> i would say zero containment at this point. >> it started last night at what time? do they have any idea how it
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started? >> no idea how it started at all. i'm not sure exactly when the first phone calls came in. the people i spoke to that drove into it somewhere around 10:00 or that neighborhood. this fire blue up with explosive growth. we had very high winds last night and it went out of control very, very quickly. the fire range across the top of the hills from the cross road south into the silverado country club. the big roads of atlas peak road and soda canyon road were heavily effected. the silverado country club was highly effected. the fire jumped to the south across highway 121 and it is now burning into areas to the east of the city of napa. >> at this point you don't know what structures have been lost or threatened? >> we don't have a count yet at
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all. right now we are still focussed on getting people out of the way safely. last night some of the roads were so impassable that we actually used cooperative efforts with the chp to actually use their helicopters who were able to fly some people down from a couple of wineries on the top of atlas peak road.


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